“You cannot solve a problem on the level on which it is created.”

Albert Einstein

The Elanra medical devices have received consistent and constant reviews since 1967. We’ve listed a very small number from the >50,000 customer reviews here for you.

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01: Headaches, colds, flu & mood, long haul truck driver (48s by 16 Year User)

03: Illness, sleep, chronic fatigue, brain fog, smoke (47s by 27 Year User)

07: Illness, sleep, chronic fatigue, brain fog, smoke (36s by 27 Year User)

09: Breathing & Spider bite (53s by 17 Year User)

13: Illness, sleep, chronic fatigue, brain fog, smoke (44s by 27 Year User)

02: Illness, sleep, chronic fatigue, brain fog, smoke (3m 56s by 27 Year User)

04: Lung, Sinus & Hayfever (1m 6s by 25-30 Year User)

06: COVID, flu & sore throats (4m 16s by 9 Year User)

10: Wife , wellness, youthfulness (59s by 12 Year User)

12: Illness, sleep, chronic fatigue, brain fog, smoke (20s by 27 Year User)

“I have been using the Elanra for nearly two years now and I have found it to be leagues ahead of any ordinary standard ionizer presently available.”

Miss K Hunt
Leicester, England UK


“Many products compete for the lucrative air purifying market. But research shows the Elanra Ionizer ranked among the best in its class.”

Paul Norton


“I am writing to tell you how pleased we are with the Elanra ionizer. Besides selling a quality product, your company has also provided us with excellent service, which we appreciate very much.”

Ron Taylor


“I’ve had my Elanra for three weeks now. My health benefits are enormous. My lung capacity was only 55% and it is now 84%. I can actually feel the tissues changing instead of puffing and panting I can now breathe freely and walk freely. Both Lionel and I are also sleeping better I recommend your machine most highly and acknowledge your brilliance in creating it.”

Enid Bailey
Melbourne VIC


“Our family was placed under severe duress 21/2 years ago when shortly after birth our daughter Charlotte was diagnosed with Kawasaki Syndrome (extremely severe reactions to the indoor environment causing inflammation in all her blood vessels). She was literally allergic to everything and her quality of life was poor with multiple illness and non-stop reactions. We researched a lot and the Elanra is the only one registered as a medical device that has special settings for a baby and the only one that has been in the market for >30 years so we bought four for the home. Charlotte’s breathing NOTICEABLY improved and we all escaped the dreaded colds of the entire winter, even though her older 5 year old brother brought home every virus that existed home from Pre-School. We are 100% convinced that Charlotte’s life has improved because of Renovations, Diet and the Elanra. And those who witnessed her ordeal before Elanra and see her today are usually stunned with disbelief, but we know how she got to where she is. Elanra is a really good investment borders on mystical because how can you explain to anyone what it really has done. It is extremely advanced technology that we will use daily for my family for the rest of our lives. We thank you for what you have done for us and for humanity.”

Bill Clement
Gaithersburg Maryland USA


“I originally bought the Elanra to help my sinusitis and respiratory problems which I’ve had for over 15 years and it has. But what has really impressed me is the extra benefits I have had that I was not expecting. I am sleeping better so I wake up with more energy for my day, and as a school teacher that’s always important. But I’ve also noticed I seem to have built a resistance from colds and the flu virus, because I don’t get them anymore even when the kids in the class are sick. I used to get the flu every year usually 2-3 times. I’ve been using my Elanra for over 10 years every night and I seem to be protected now, I haven’t had the flu for well over 9 years. So yes my quality of life has without doubt improved. “

Mrs M Doherty
Perth, Scotland


“We went for almost ten years with only a very rare mild cold maybe once or twice through that time, but certainly no influenza in either of us since we bought the Elanra ten years ago. But after the fires that took everything we own in our home and our home, we lost our Elanra. It’s been a hard time to rebuild and the grief has made it more difficult to get organised. We’ve been without our Elanra for two months as we shuffled between relatives homes. Both of us noticed the difference and left it too late to fix it. Now we’ve come down with the flu and been pretty sick in bed, but it prompted me to buy a couple urgently and thank you for expressing them to me. It’s true how important it is to keep using it every day, look at us now. I hope this helps someone else remember to keep their Elanra on every night as a priority. A priority that is more important than sleep! It’s also helped to clear my lungs I think because that raspy smoke sound from my voice has gone.”

P & A Geraldine
Bega NSW


“I have been using your Elanra MkII and since 10th November 1995. I had Asthma, Sinus and Insomnia. I had been feeling very sick for a long time. I am feeling quite well now, and am sure your products help me out of my sickness. I can’t remember the last time I needed to take my Asthma medication, but it must be at least six months ago. At the time, I bought your products I thought they were expensive. But believe me over the years they will pay for themselves. As you know my medication was expensive. Now I am almost medication free.”

Pauline Hoehne
Pottstown USA


“I’ve had chronic fatigue for nearly two decades. I went to see Molly Aukim from the Allergy prevention clinic only to find out my body was ridden with bad hormone imbalances, hyperthyroid, weak immune system and tonic overload maybe from the mercury out of my teeth fillings. So I had all my filling replaced and I tried so many solutions to only get marginal benefits each time. I bought the Elanra after the doctor recommended it, and I have it with me at work and at home all day. My doctor did the Electro Dermo screening test on my body before I started using the Elanra and then again one month later to monitor me. The results show a marked improvement in almost every area especially in my lungs, skin and my allergy’s and I wanted to share it with you. Thank you for helping me move ahead in my life! Great device Elanra is, how can I ever thank you for inventing it.”





















































Geoffrey P Sandford
Chatswood NSW Australia


“Thank you for supporting me in my purchase of the Elanra. Usually when I go to bed and lie down I have to breathe through my mouth because my nostrils swell shut when I lie down. Now I can breathe through my nose for the first time every in my life. I feel more groggy in the morning but my favourite thing is that my dreams are so clear! I’m very grateful for your product it really is a breath of fresh air.”

Susan Casey
San Rafael USA


“I decided to buy the Elanra after reading about it in the Muscle and Fitness Magazine. I had suffered from infected sinus for 31/2 years and bronchial problems and my doctor has given me a lot of different antibiotics to try. I didn’t notice much of a result in the first ten days and if anything I felt a bit worse in the first few days but I stuck with it. After about three weeks my head was clear and my symptoms started to go away. I also started feeling a lot more refreshed when I woke up. I don’t use antibiotics anymore. It was a lot of money but I am very happy I bought it.”

Coral Miles
Northern Qld Australia


“On behalf of Merlyn and myself we wanted to thank you for our MkII. Deep sleep is a luxury in our world since Merlyn has been battling cancer and my brain remains so active. We both enjoy a relaxing sleep now. She is trying to reduce her dependence on the pain killing medications and she thinks it is a weapon in her war against the pain. I know it has now become vital for our survival to living more peacefully. Again thanks!”

Steve Dyke
Rockingham, Western Australia


“As a scientist I am well acquainted with the healthy benefits of the ‘small’ negative ions for a number of years now. But it was only when I saw the device at the Health Symposium in Chicago did I fully appreciate just how much it can do. I volunteered to be a part of the Elanra Study for the FDA Evaluation in America. I’ve slept like a baby since but the biggest benefit to me is that my hayfever and asthma is now under control. No more stuffed sinuses, hacking, coughing or spitting was evident. This Australian invention is the best thing to come out of Australia since koalas and kangaroos. I heartily recommend Elanra and certainly wouldn’t be without mine.”

John Heinerman, PhD.
Chicago USA


“Just wanted to write about my progress with the Elanra. Before I had trouble with insomnia and hormonal imbalances for about five years. Since using the Elanra I’ve had marked improvement in both areas.”

Carolyn Watkins
Parkside, South Australia


“I want to write to you about my experiences but I simply don’t know where to start but to say buying the Elanra has been the BEST thing I have done for myself in my entire life. It’s helped me in more way that I thought possible, my work, my personal life and my recreational life. I sleep better and no longer need 4 cups of coffee to function in the mornings and get to my office with more energy. My snoring has gone and my girlfriend loves that the most. My sinus is clear and the usually mucus I cough up in the mornings has stopped. I thought I was pretty healthy before being only 37yrs old, but since using it I feel like I have a new life and cannot recommend it highly enough, I’m sold forever!”

Michael S.
NSW Australia


“I bought my Elanra on 12th August 1997, I bought cause of my problems with allergies, hay fever and hormone discomfort. I noticed all my symptoms have improved. For some weeks I think my body was detoxing first and maybe de-stressing as I needed to sleep more hours. But now I find when I get sick I get better much faster than before. Even when I burnt myself on the bread machine it improved faster. I’ve also noticed my blood circulation has improved. I recommend the Elanra to anyone with problems like mine thank you for helping me.”

Maureen Graves
Gilgandra NSW


“I bought the Elanra and turned it into the 8 needle machine. I’ve been using it for more than 25 years now every night as I sleep and I am feeling much better with it. I am really pleased.”

Doris Taylor
Burlington, Ontario, Canada


“My son bought me the Elanra as a gift several months ago. I’ve suffered chronic migraines for over 20 years. The last 10 years I have been on many more mixed medications for my migraines and also I spend time in hospital every 4-6 weeks getting morphine shots to help the pain, but I also have fibromyalgia. I received my first Elanra in January 2000 and today I can say my migraines don’t last as long and not as severe as they were. My quality of life cannot be compared with what it was before I received this gift. I forgot to get more needles once and I noticed I started to deteriorate quite fast so now I keep up my supplies. It’s an amazing little machine I love it.”

Linda Ware
Chicago, USA


“I’ve had asthma since I was a child and been in hospital many many times. Not being able to walk far, run or climb stairs is a normal part of my life. Since I started using the Elanra I get a good nights sleep and my peak flow has gone up from its previous maximum of 300 to now about 350. I hardly use my inhalers as much so I’ve saved money on my asthma medicines too. Thank you.”

Mrs C Chamberlain
Surrey England


“I’ve tried ion generating systems in the past but they had too much ozone and made me feel worse. It was refreshing when I heard about your device because I feel better everyday, not worse. I had it tested myself and even the testing house was surprised that it had no ozone which is harmful for my body. I’m pretty healthy anyway I run uphill in the mountains and push my body hard, but that’s my problem too, because I need to recover better than I was. I find now I am using the Elanra I can recover during the night as I sleep, and still go for it in the day!”

Thomas H Burke
Orara Valley NSW Australia


“I get the flu and colds every single winter without fail. It’s been that way for my whole life that I can remember. Since I bought the Elanra four years ago, it took a couple of months but now I don’t get the flu or cold hardly at all. If I go to bed feeling like the symptoms are starting they are gone by the next morning. It’s sort of like this machine holds back the virus and cold from taking over my body before it get any traction. I love it.”

Valmai Davidson
Wandin Victoria Australia


“The Elanra is very good it helps me breathe better at night time. When I go to school I don’t need to sleep on my desk anymore and at night time I can get my homework done. I wanted to thank you Mr Shaw and thank my mum for buying the Elanra for me.”

Joel X
Bondi Beach Sydney (10 yrs old)


“My good friend developed a severe rash around her face all of a sudden and none of the doctors could explain what it was, let alone cure it. She tried many different creams and medicines but it didn’t respond. I bought another Elanra for myself and loaned it to her to try. It took only one week until her pain went away and she didn’t feel aggravated by the rash. It took about a further four months before the rash disappeared completely and has not come back since. But now she loves sleeping and breathing with it so much, she won’t give it back!”

Adrian Austere
Camden NSW


“I have use Elanra for a couple of years now asthma and eczema runs in this family so I decided to take precautionary measures for better results if it worked. My eczema is under control now and my husbands asthma is still there but nowhere as bad as it was. The Elanra has given us the confidence for a future and reassurance in the present. I whole heartedly recommend it to anyone I believe it’s and insurance policy which is actually worthwhile!”

Mrs L Keld
Hampshire England


“I’ve really struggled with menopause and the hot flushes. My doctor recommended I take some hormonal tablets to stop the hot flushes but I’m a breast cancer survivor and didn’t want to put more chemicals in my body after what I have been through. I saw a naturopath and she recommended I buy the Elanra medical device because it has a setting for helping hormones and her patients have had good results over the past 30 years. She was right I no longer need to consider a hormone medicine because my symptoms are very manageable now, I sleep better and my skin has also improved which is nice because it was very blotchy too. I would highly recommend this medical device to anyone.”

Mrs J Pulsford
Kirribilli NSW


“I suffered severe loneliness and depression for the past 15 years to the point I was a house hermit a far cry from my limelight modelling career, it stopped my life.. no it destroyed my life. I am sure you could rattle my body if you tried from the hundreds of depression tablets I’ve been given over the years, as my doctors tried to find a solution. I suppose they helped to keep me alive but I always had some kind of side effect that was not nice. I was at the local chemist after seeing the doc and was complaining about wanting something natural with no side effects. They told me about Elanra but said it was expensive. I bought it anyway. It took a couple of months as they said it might, but today a year later I’m living again like a normal person. I’m really delighted now but I have also noticed if I stop for one night I seem to go backwards again. I also don’t need any sleeping or pain tablets anymore either, and I am finally off all of the depression tablets. I cannot put into words what this little device means to me, it’s become my best friend and I am eternally grateful to the Elanra and Bionic Air company.”

Louise Summerville
Gymea NSW


“Since I went from being peri-menopausal to being menopausal something happened in my body and I just became really cranky all the time. It didn’t matter what people did around me I was irritable and looking for someone to take it out on even when I didn’t mean it. My doctor sent me for tests and I was told my hormones are out of balance. I was given tablets but they made me very tired that I was in bed for 15-20 hours a day sleeping or dreaming. I got worse and put on more weight. Anyway I won’t go on more but I wanted to say thank you for the Elanra because about 6 weeks after I started using it I noticed my body changing. Through that time I seemed to be getting my patience back and was more tolerant. Now I have been using it every time I am in bed for the past 3 years and my hormones seem back to normal because even though I am still between these two stages of life, I am better.”

Kathleen Graves
Ryde NSW


“I bought the Elanra in 2013 to help me in the winter time. I didn’t use it all year only about 4-6 months a year when winter comes I get upset a lot. My opinion has been that it’s average, helped me breathe easier at night, but nothing to rave about. I remember Bionic Air called me to check in with me. They explained why it is critical to use it every night which I didn’t realise, so I changed my habit. Now 4 years later I am so glad I changed it because now I can’t stop raving about it and I’ve noticed a huge difference with my mood when winter rolls around, to the point I have very few days where I am affected by it. Marvelous product when its used correctly!”

Christina Lave
Los Angeles USA


“Thank you for helping us bring new life into this world. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 8 years. We were told my hormones are not working correctly. I don’t know why but after we bought the Elanra we both started feeling better and happier in the day, it was a last resort and we didn’t have our hopes up. But we fell pregnant for the first time in 8 years about 21/2 months after starting to use the Elanra. We didn’t change anything else and we both believe the device is the reason. We’ve also told our doctors about it and I heard they have bought some for their clinic impressed with what they have seen in our case. Wonderful science inside this wonderful medical device!”

Jan Holz
Lyon France


“I feel like I am sleeping better, and I awake more rested since I began using the Elanra. Thank you… I love this machine.”

Ruth R. PhD.
Maine, USA


“The Elanra has truly helped me, and for my piece of mind, I would never go to bed without it by my side.”

Michael Kanuika


“It is always a fight as to who is going to use the ELANRA between me and my grandson. I cannot sing the praises of the Elanra high enough I recommend this machine to anyone.”

Diane Bath-Robertson
Broadbeach Waters, Qld, Australia


“Since I’ve used the Elanra I’ve been sleeping in! This is a phenomenon in my household. Normally I rise at 4.00am have an hour’s walk and start work. This routine is in total disorder. Although I am totally rested, for a change I’m falling behind with my work load and you’re to blame! So if you can recover from your abject guilt for long enough to organise a copy of my thesis for me, I would be very grateful. Yours in oversleeping! PS. My wife approved of my changed habit and says it’s about time after 40 years.”

Dr Sydney Baggs
Chatswood NSW


“I get really affected by the power lines, Wi-fi, computers and phones in the home and ringing sounds in the environment that make me feel sick and affect my ears giving me constant headaches. Some of this I have been able to stop. We moved our Wi-Fi away from our room and we put special protection inside our ceiling and walls of the bedroom. But something was still affecting me because my health was only a little better. My mum is in aged care in Chatswood and suffered Tinnitus for years, they put an Elanra in her room at night time and she is no longer affected. So about a year ago I thought I’d get one for myself too. It’s been a dream come true, I wish I knew about this technology many years ago. Today almost all my symptoms have gone and I still remember the first month I used it because it was the first time in my life that I can remember having no headaches. I’m just amazed and teary writing about my past, Elanra is just so special it’s given me back my life.”

Pamela J Harris
Roseville NSW Australia


“The Elanra has been immensely beneficial for my son who is now 4 years old. Over the past 3 years he has suffered from terrible croup so the nebuliser has been part of our life in the house, in my office and mobile. But since my Mum bought me the Elanra to help his attacks, I have noticed they are fewer and far less severe. Being an asthmatic myself I have also found it prevents the onset of chest infections that I usually get following a simple cold. Great machine well worth the investment which is why I bought another three of them!”

Mrs K Schaale
Geelong Melbourne


“I haven’t been able to get enough oxygen since I got sick with some strange virus. They put the tubes under my nose and I had it down my throat for a few days. My Oxygen reading was between 84-86 which was why I had no energy. The doctor tried his best to get my oxygen levels higher but it wouldn’t budge. My daughter brought her Elanra into my room and she put it about 50cm from me on my meal tray whilst we watched a movie together. About two hours later the nurse came to take my oxygen level and said it was 92-93. Great result and I feel better too. They let me go home three days later. Today my Oxygen level is 95-96 and I wanted to write to tell you my results, thank you for this machine. I’m sure my doctor will get one too!”

B. James
Sutherland NSW


“Early 1993 I had pain and a lump on the right side of my body, by 23rd of April I had chemotherapy, which I found the nausea terrible. A nurse recommended I try the Elanra and I found it helped to stop my nausea. By the third time of chemotherapy I was very sick again, but as soon as I got home I returned to bed next to the Elanra and within a matter of 30 minutes I was more comfortable again. I’ve noticed also that I seem to functioning better with my immune system even though I have a house full of kids who seem to get every type of viral infection under the sun. My children eventually got one each too and I have noticed they get much fewer colds and if any they recover almost immediately. I cannot sign the praises of the Elanra high enough.”

Diane Bath-Robertson
Broadbeach Waters, QLD


“My two Elanra’s arrived at the peak of the flu season. Even though we had the vaccine a lot of people still get sick in America maybe the flu changes faster here. My wife still had a high fever and heavy congestion when it arrived. I set up the MkII next to her bed she was back on her feet within 5 days as opposed to her friends who were also sick, they were in bed for another 2-3 weeks! I really hope that next year we escape this routine and we will use it properly to make sure. Very appreciative you could help my wife with this device, thank you kindly.”

David J Minster
Washington DC USA


“We are enjoying the Elanra especially now the nocturnal snoring has been silenced.”

Aileen Page
Mt Tambourine QLD


“I cannot praise this remarkable machine enough. I’ve found whenever I have symptoms of flu or asthma coming on, a night or two with the ioniser and the symptoms disappear. I also have a more peaceful and relaxed sleep. My son is chronic asthmatic and still needs his medication through winter but nowhere near the high dose he normally took, nor has needed to be hospitalised.”

Gloria Popsis
McDowall Qld


“On 19th November 1993 I bought my first Elanra. At that stage I had my usual mild insomnia, bad hay fever and asthma which I’ve had most of my life. Conventional medical solutions I was given provided me little relief. After I bought it I remember having a good sleep for the first time in many years but more importantly over time I got relief from my other symptoms and don’t depend on my drugs as much. When I travel I take it with me. I strongly recommend this product.”

Wendy Douglas
Mermaid Beach QLD


“I am recovering from Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) and I bought the Elanra for extreme insomnia. The Elanra has surpassed my greatest expectations for it; it would not be an exaggeration to say that it is a Godsend! I’ve tried so many things and this works. I think it creates a “sleep field” because my husband also sleeps earlier and easier now. I feel extremely fortunate to be the owner of an Elanra and am indebted to you for making it available.”

Sue Gray


“I am 76yrs old and got diagnosed with emphysema. I’ve also had asthma and bronchitis over the years. The Resident Manager where I live recommended I buy the Elanra to help me. I know nothing can cure me now I’ve already done the damage, but I have noticed using the Elanra everyday close to me helps me get through the day easier than when I don’t have it near me. I’ve the other residents near me to get one too!”

R Salimander
Rockdale NSW


“We operate a counselling business in Canberra and we’ve noticed since installing the Elanra that the environment is more friendly and relaxed. During sessions we have noticed it seems easier to work with our patients, it seems easier for people to ‘take on board’ as it were the understanding and realisations. Working with people’s life energy this assists our work. We use the second one at home to help us sleep. Jayne was a chronic insomniac before using the device and now rarely misses a nights sleep. Please keep up the good work.”

Edwin and Jayne Power
Personal Power Dynamics, Canberra ACT


“Because my wife and I suffer immensely from environmental factors we have spent many years studying the body’s responses. We have both had chronic fatigue and multiple chemical sensitivities. We believe that since we bought the Elanra our lives have changed for the better when few other things have worked, it has aided our recovery and recuperation from a state of bad ill health over the past few months. It’s a marvel of a technology and a blessing in our 20th century environment.”

Hardy Heinke
South Australia


“I have one of your Elanra machines next to my bed and I turn it on when I retire to bed and get a great nights sleep. I believe in 100% responsibility for my own health and think everyone else should too unless they are born with a congenital disease. But because I get a good night’s sleep due to the Elanra I am less jittery in the morning and my hypertension is now near normal cause I test my blood pressure every morning and night, and now I feel more rested and alert for the challenges of my day. Sure beats having my blood pressure medication increased again! It works.”

Gus Gramezio
Glynde, South Australia


“It’s been almost 8 months now and I have not had an asthma attack or an angina attack since and both my husband and I are sleeping better waking up feeling the joy of living. My breathing has improved ten fold, and I wanted to thank you for being there to help us with advice and help as our health changed.”

Joan Marsh
Sydney Australia


“I like my Elanra because it helps me breath and sleep. My mum and I think it is why I find it easier to concentrate more on my studies. I feel less tired in the daytime now. I know I’m only 12 years old but I really glad my mom bought me the Elanra.”

Andrea Anusha Walters
St Pauls Church, Malaysia


“I’ve been suffering from sleep apnea now for more than 10 years. Then I came across the Elanra to assist me with my allergies. I sleep much better and wake up feeling refreshed instead of exhausted. This product has truly changed my life and I would never go to bed without it at my side. Thank you for helping me gain control of my life again!.”

Michael Kanuika
West Chester PA USA


“My wife and I bought the Elanra to help us sleep better to improve our energy in the daytime. After two weeks we noticed nothing and we were going to return it, but we instead discovered we had it on the wrong settings. “Since we changed the settings we have had much success with it. We even tested it after a couple of months by leaving it off for a week and boy did we notice the difference then! We both breathe better and snore less too which is an added bonus. I will tell all my friends about how good this is.”

Tony & Eva Di Gregorio


“I have Guillian Barre Syndrome and then I got ME about 5 years ago, all I needed to help me cope was more energy and sleep. Since my Pharmacist recommended Elanra I have noticed better energy levels and I sleep much better. It feels like I’m charging my battery every night when I go to bed.”

Mr R Poole
Berks, England


“I’m the guy who gave you a hard time, I’m just sceptical but proud of it. My scepticism was laid to rest very quickly. I have a chronic lung condition and I’ve tried everything available here and overseas to fix it to no avail for too many years. But since using the Elanra my lungs feel clear and I can sure breath more freely and these changes have helped my energy get back to what I was before I had the condition.”

Richard M.
Melbourne Australia


“As you know Toowoomba is a bad area for sinus infections, my doctor was shocked when he saw me in the street, he said ‘who are you?’ I looked normal and didn’t look sick like I usually do from my sinus. My husband is a heart patient and about a week ago he was getting all the symptoms of the flu, so I put my Elanra on his side of the bed and overnight he came good. I can now work longer hours and have my old life back again. Great product thanks.”

CL Miles
Kingsthorpe QLD


“I am a trained nurse and midwife and I recommend the Elanra to anyone who wants good health, I bought two more for my children as well. I know this machine is worth its weight in gold and I will continue to recommend the Elanra to all my clients. I am allergic to pollens, dust, dairy products and some yeasts and often get allergy reactions. As a result I am on antibiotics every year and especially at winter time. My doctor recommended Teldane every day to prevent the usual results eg runny nose, itchy eyes, constantly sneezing, etc but without it I would have to take time off work because I could be infectious to other patients. But since I bought the Elanra which sits on my bedside table every night my allergies are not as bad anymore. I don’t take the medication anymore because I don’t need it. Sometimes I still use the nasal drip but that’s all.”

Carol Pringle
Sydney NSW


“The flu virus is doing its rounds again in our town. We all used to suffer at different degrees from the flu but since we have been using the Elanra in our house none of us suffer like we used too. Our friends and family have all been sick again and for longer than they used to be I don’t know why maybe the flu changes each year. But my family seems to be protected using the Elanra, I need get some for my family too. Thank you very very much.”

Vicki Chrisopoulos
Whyalla, South Australia


“I wanted to tell you about Elanra with my dog, he keeps scratching his coat that he has worn it away and I can’t stop him from doing it. So I decided to put my Elanra close to his bed at night. The Elanra has somehow made him less itchy because he doesn’t scratch anymore and he is growing back some of his coat again. I also noticed he doesn’t snore loud anymore which is nice as he’s in my bedroom at night.”

Ms P Harris
Derbyshire England


“We bought our first Elanra in 1993 because I had to endure a prolonged stay in hospital after our Premature baby was born with Down’s Syndrome. She was very frail and weak with a poor respiratory system and prone to frequent colds, illness, ear infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, poor circulation and heart problems etc I was beside myself trying to find solutions to help her and one of the nurses told me she used Elanra 10 years ago to help her premy baby. We all believe the Elanra is the reason that she escaped all these ‘normal’ illnesses for her situation and helped her overall development since. Another common problem of these children is sleep apnea because their oxygen levels are lower, and again the Elanra has kept her oxygen levels close to normal as we check it every night and morning. Thank you too for being generous with your time as we worked through those complicated years.”

Helen Camerone
Hornsby NSW


“Just writing to let you know about my progress with Elanra. My depression caused me to have really bad insomnia and hormone imbalances for the past 5 years. Since I started using the Elanra ‘properly’ I have noticed a marked improvement in both areas of my life.”

Carolyn Watkins
Parkside South Australia


“I was born with a hormonal hereditary condition called Amenorrhea. It just means I don’t menstruate like a normal woman. I still fell pregnant though and after my first child my doctor put me onto the pill which forced my periods to start so we could plan for our second child. The pain was dreadful and every month I was in bed for four days. My mum bought me an Elanra and I have to admit at first I thought it was a waste of time but I kept using it anyway. I did sleep better almost straight away, but I found by the 2nd month that my pain was reduced to a point that I could at least walk and be out of bed for 3 of the 4 days. A wonderful machine and I recommend it to any woman who has problems with their menstruation or wants to have a deeper sleep without taking drugs.”

Fiona Faye
Newcastle NSW


“Thank you for inventing the Elanra. I always knew I would be prone to depression because both my parents had it. When it did hit me after my baby was born I was not ready for waking up multiple times in the night in tears for no reason and crying throughout the day at inappropriate times. I felt I failed as a mother but I had only just become a mother and I didn’t know what to do. Using the Elanra was the next major change in my life and it can’t be mere coincidence because I was regularly waking from a sleep crying, and since I started using the Elanra that hasn’t happened anymore. It’s still been a long road but with the support of the Elanra I feel I can get through this life, thanks.”

Jean M
Brisbane Qld


“I am pleased to comment about my Elanra. I bought it to complement my other products like St Johns Wort supplements and sauna and lights to help me counteract the effect of the ‘winter blues’. On their own each of these products make a small difference. But since I started using the Elanra I have not experienced the usual winter blues of previous years. I have also recommended your product to a number of friends.”

Mrs T Calevase
Toronto Canada


“Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible”

Albert Einstein