MkII Medical Device

Reduce symptoms of influenza today.

Reduce Virus and Bacteria in the air,
on surfaces, in your lungs and blood*

*Bond University (2017) showed 72% eradication of respiratory colonies within the first 3 hours, more over time.

95% of our users report:
“We just don’t get the flu anymore*!

87% of patients recover faster from illness.*

Helping patients around the world suffering from symptoms and also preventing influenza and colds.

* Independent research 2009, Osborne International, UNSW on 973 users.

Safe Undeniable RESULTS
53 Years Old

Almost 2 Million patients.

Australian Made.

Sleep Better

It’s so easy!

Turn it on at night whilst you sleep.

Turn it off when you wake.

More than an Ioniser.

“In my opinion, this plasma science technology can assist respiratory illnesses*.”

*Professor Y. Xian Wuhan University, China.

More than an air ioniser. More than an air purifier.

Designed for your body and blood

It’s results that matter

Have you ever wished there was an easier way to improve your health and maintain it? There is an answer. This Australian-made medical device harnesses the power of plasma technology to help protect you from illness and provide personalised healthcare solutions.

The device sits on your bedside table facing you as you sleep or rest. It does not touch your body. Simply turn it on when you go to bed and turn it off when you awake.

“Biological benefits from your bedside”

Too good to be true? With 53 years of market history and over one million users in Australia, the device has a proven track record of delivering biological benefits and improving health. Moreover, for well over four decades, there have been no recalls and no adverse events from consumers, patients, and professional users.

The device is registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration as a ‘therapeutic’ air ioniser that can:

• Assist breathing
• Reduce the severity and frequency of colds and flu
• Support immune system recovery
• Assist allergy and eczema sufferers
• Relieve the symptoms of seasonal conditions (e.g., depression)
• Assist in vitamin absorption
• Increase alertness
• Improve sleep and learning

“More than an air purifier”

Is it an air purifier? Yes, it will purify the air and the surfaces in your room, but at the same time, it works across all your body’s systems, providing long-term health benefits. Don’t worry if you have several health problems or are taking multiple medications. This device will NOT interfere with your doctor’s prescriptions.

“More than an air ioniser”

Is it an air ioniser? Yes, the device is technically a ‘therapeutic’ air ionizer, which has the capacity to produce negative ion species. But it does more than that. It was only recently that the scientific community recognised that our device generates a complex mixture of free electrons, atoms, and molecules in neutral, ionised, and/or excited states. Together this mixture is known as “cold air plasma”. Our device is also “tuneable”, which means it is possible to select particular plasma components for specific applications. The device delivers the selected reactive species into the ambient air, where they can be inhaled, ingested, or absorbed to produce a range of therapeutic effects in the human body. That is, our device is specially designed to “treat the body and the blood”.

“Its results that matter!”

Our database of results is extensive. In 2009, an independent study found 95% of the 973 respondents who were long-term users experienced fewer colds and influenza. Further, when experiencing illness, 87% of users reported a faster recovery. In 2020, we commissioned a second independent study on our database. So far, 96% of the 130 respondents have reported fewer colds and influenza.

The most commonly used phrase by our customers is:

“We just don’t get colds or the flu anymore”.

It’s no wonder 93% actively recommend this device to their family and friends.

“Backed by science”

Several leading academics acknowledge this is the only cold air plasma medical device which incorporates quantum physics to produce ‘therapeutic’ air ions, currently available to consumers. To learn more about plasma medicine and the science behind our device, please click here.

Our cold air plasma medical device is small enough for safe and portable operation, while offering a diverse range of therapeutic benefits. There are no chemicals. No filters. And the small amount of ozone by-product is well under the legal limits for safe use and non-existent at the recommended range of treatment.

The only replacement consumable is four specially made small needles that sit inside little cavities in the front of the device. They are easy to change and need replacing under normal use about every 3.5 months. A red light shines to tell you when the needles need replacing, and the device will not function until they are replaced. The instruction manual or You Tube offer easy to follow directions.

“Easy to use. Easy to experience. And the greatest investment you will ever make for the health of you and your family.”

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