Elanra Air Pendant Medical Device (Out of Stock)

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Portable Medical Device

Breathe your own special Oxygen clear of Pathogens – Everytime

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Elanra Air Pendant Medical Device

Elanra Air pendants will clear your breathing space bubble of airborne pollutants (e.g. viruses, bacteria and other pathogens). Being a registered medical device Elanra provides your body with therapeutic biologically active air species including a special type of Oxygen to improve your health. Simply hang it around you neck on the airplane, at your office desk or whilst watching a movie and enjoy your own clean air.


Elanra Air pendant creates a bubble of your own clean and clear air space around you, this bubble is not only clearing all pathogens but also the unseen jet fuel trace vapours that air cleaners and air filters cannot manage. We specialise in the smallest of particulates beyond an air cleaner. Specially designed for the airline industry the Air Pendant is much more than an air purifier and much more than an air cleaner. It’s official independently tested statement from the USA is: “Clears particulate matter of less than 2.5 microns at the rate of ½ litre per second in the space from the centre chest to the nose.” Elanra Air helps you breathe clean air, feel refreshed and reduce your chances of picking up recirculated pathogens from other passengers. There is not other medical device in the world like the Elanra Air Pendant Cold Air Plasma Medical Device which uses quantum physics to generate its extremely small therapeutic air species for your body and blood.


A choice of black or white, and the option to personalise the Elanra Air Pendant for staff, clients, family or friends with your company logo or personal photograph, a process which is also patented by our company.
Elanra Air Pendant is rechargeable with a mini-USB and an international charger kit with universal adaptors included with your purchase. However, most people simply use the mini-USB.


Clean Air Delivery rate PM <2.5 at CADR 0.5 litre per second
Air Species Flow Rate 3.39 x Trillion (1012 ) ions/second @ 50mm away.
Air Species Density 27.6 Million (106 ) ions/cc @50mm away.
Power Adjustment 3 Levels
Modulation Frequencies 3 Levels
Dimensions H 59.2mm x W 64.4mm x D 24.8mm
Weight (Including lanyard, excluding charger) <70g
Recommended Operating Environment 5°C (50°F) to 40°C (104°F), 30% to 85% RH, 70 TO 106kPa
Recommended Transport and Storage Conditions -20°C (-4°F) to +45°C (113°F), 10% to 85% RH including condensation, 50 to 106kPa
IP Rating IP22 (Unit must be dry for normal operation)
Use with Oxygen Not intended for use in an Oxygen rich environment
Mode of Operation Short term or prolonged use
Ion Needle Replaceable, use only Elanra Parts
Needle Life Span 1200 Hours
External Charger I.P. 100V – 240V @<0.4A, 50/60hz, O.P. 5VDC
Charging Input USB Micro B socket (power only, non data)
Internal Battery Lithium rechargeable suitable airline industry rating (Elanra replaceable)
Battery Run Time (new) 40 Hours on minimum output power
Battery Charge Time (using supplied charger) 6 Hours
Battery Life (80% Original Capacity) 500 charge/use cycles, discharging to half capacity
Included Accessories -Charger with choice of International Power Plugs
(Aust, EU, UK, USA)

Workmanship Guarantee

12 months warranty on labour, materials and battery.

Electrical & EMC Safety Standards

Elanra is compliant with all international standards in EMC and electrical safety.

Additional information

Weight 0.414 g
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 8.5 cm

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