Elanra MkIII Portable Plasma Medicine Device

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TGA Registered Portable Medical Device

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Elanra MkIII Portable Plasma Medicine Device

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As the only therapeutic registered medical device to replicate nature’s beneficial air species including Oxygen at a size small enough to be inhaled into the lungs to enter the bloodstream for repeatable biological benefits. The MKIII is a Personal and portable device suitable for individual treatment at home, in the office or whilst travelling. With a 1 metre therapeutic range, as well as a vast 25 square metre (272 sq. feet) pathogen and air purification ability, but that’s just a side effect. Your body and blood it its true purpose and priority. The Elanra MKIII Portable can be used with either mains power or a 9Volt battery. No recalls and no adverse events since 1967 in over 1 Million patients. This medical device is tried, true and tested by the many, who report repeatable and consistent variable health benefits.

Unique to the Elanra MKIII Portable is a dedicated Treatment Mode, used to intensify the special air species fields. Also available with this medical device is a Sensitivity Setting suitable for very sensitive infants and those with severe environmental sensitivities.

Fully programmable to your specific health and lifestyle, the Elanra MKIII Portable works silently to pulse these small biologically active air species at variable frequencies to assist those recovering from illness as well as:

  • Improve sleep
  • Assist sufferers of allergies and eczema
  • Recovery from chronic fatigue
  • Assist breathing
  • Support immune system recovery
  • Reduce severity and frequency of colds and flu

As the programmable frequencies permeate the full 25 square metre range, the Elanra MKIII Portable is also recommended for:

  • General health and wellbeing
  • Meditation
  • Learning & concentration (popular amongst students wanting higher focus)

As the most technically advanced personal Cold Air Plasma Medical Device with Quantum Physics in the world incorporating the finest components including a formulated casing that does not outgas or produce toxins, this award-winning product is suitable for those who are highly sensitive or allergic to chemicals and synthetics.

Designed to complement your lifestyle, the Elanra MKIII Portable performs perfectly with windows and doors open or closed and even with the air conditioning on. Almost completely silent when operating and certified for use in hospitals and ambulances, the Elanra MKIII Portable complies with safety and electrical standards and does not produce any harmful gases which is detrimental to your health.

Travel With The Elanra MKIII Portable

Bionic Products has for years been researching the closed environment in motor vehicles and its effect upon drivers and offices spaces, traffic fumes, air conditioning and the vehicle’s electrical system all combine to produce an over-abundance of harmful positive air ion species, which depletes the supply of the healthier negative ion species. This is further exacerbated by air friction over the metal cabin while travelling. Called a ‘Faraday Cage’, this positively charged atmosphere can cause drivers to suffer drowsiness and to lose concentration, putting both driver and passengers at risk.

We initiated a study involving a group of Australian long-distance truck drivers who, on average, travelled 3,120 kilometres per week. The drivers were supplied with the Elanra MkIII portable medical devices and asked to fill in a questionnaire. The results were startling.

87% Reported an increase in alertness while driving
80% Said they slept better and deeper during breaks (spent in the truck’s cabin)
73% Reported less irritability
93% Said their truck seemed cleaner and fresher

These studies led to the initial development of the Elanra MKIII Portable medical device, a fully programmable, multi-use portable unit, which enables motorists to enjoy the benefits of a refreshing, negatively-charged atmosphere in their vehicle, while helping to safeguard the driver, passengers and other road users.

During travel, the Elanra MKIII Portable is powered by the vehicles battery and sits on a specially-designed stand (included with purchase) which is fixed to the dashboard or rear shelf. A cigarette lighter attachment may also be used. Easily removed from this stand, the Elanra MKIII Portable will also run on its own internal 9V battery where power is not available.

In addition, it can be plugged into any electrical outlet in the world with its specially designed “switch-mode” power supply. This enables you to use this very versatile product whilst driving, or travelling by bus or train. The Elanra MKIII’s specially-designed power supply converts any mains voltage to the low voltage required for easy use anywhere in the world, and carries international electrical safety approvals and marks for its medical use.

For Intense Treatment – MKIII Portable:

Another unique advantage of the Elanra MKIII Portable Ioniser is the treatment mode. By using the grounding wrist strap included with your portable ioniser and holding the device close to your mouth or nose and breathing normally, you can increase the concentration of small biologically active air species of a special type of Oxygen. It is advisable that this treatment be carried out for 20 minutes morning and night, ensuring that your feet are on the ground without shoes or inside leather soled shoes.

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MKIII Technical Specifications

Part Number: C1000082 (Package) | C1000083 (Unit Only)
Product Name Elanra MkIII Portable Plasma Medicine Device
Air Species Flow Rate 50.9 x Trillion (1012 ) ions/sec @ 50mm away.
Air Species Density 31 Million ions/cc @ 50mm away.
Dimensions 168mm (6.6″) Width x 37mm (1.45″) Height x 120mm (4.72″) Depth
Weight 264g (unit only, no battery)
Recommended Operating Environment 10°C (50°F) to 40°C (104°F) 30 to 75% RH, 70 to 106kPa
Recommended Transport and Storage Conditions -20°C (-4°F) to +70°C (158°F), 10 to 90% RH including condensation, 50 to 106kPa
IP Rating IPXO (Not water resistant)
Use with Oxygen Not suitable for use in an Oxygen rich environment
Mode of Operation Short term, prolonged or continuous use
Needle Life span 1100 Hours (about 4 – 4.5 months if used 8 hours per night)
AC Power Input Use only supplied AC Adaptor
Elanra Part Number #C1000053 12VDC.

No Substitute Permissible

External DC Power Source Via supplied car lighter socket lead: 12VDC@100mA, must connect to automotive chassis by licensed auto-
Internal Battery IEC 6LR61 alkaline 9Volt
Included Accessories Wrist Strap, International Power Pack and International Plugs, Vehicle Mounting Kit.

Workmanship Warranty

3 year warranty on labour from date of purchase. 2 years manufacturer’s warranty on labour and materials from date of purchase.1 year warranty on batteries if applicable.

MKII Patents & Registrations

Patents and Trademarks listed globally all items covered under copyright and international trade secret protection mechanisms.
Registered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods which is a division of the Australian Government Department of Health. Certificates are available to medical professionals if required.

Q: When I apply power and turn the switch on for battery or mains power, the light does not turn on?
A: The battery cover may not have been replaced correctly, it will not work if not fitted correctly.

Q: I sometimes hear a loud pulsing noise from the machine. What is it?
A: The medical device may need cleaning. The build-up of dust around the needle portal may be making the medical device work harder. Use a cotton bud to clean around the needles (when power is OFF) so the socket is clean.  Alternatively, try reducing the output strength, as they may be too high for the environment for which you are in.

Q: Where do I purchase replacement needles from?
A: You can order them on the web site, telephone, email or as some like to do write us a letter with a money order or a cheque

Q: Can I leave the battery in the Elanra when I am running off mains power?
A: Yes you can, but it is advised the battery is removed when using mains power, and whenever in a hot environment like a car on a hot day in the sun.

Q: What battery should I use?
A: Any 9V battery can be used.

Additional information

Weight 0.962 g
Dimensions 26.5 × 18 × 8.5 cm

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