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Fully portable, this compact ‘hands free’ air cleaner is worn comfortably around the neck providing you with unrestricted freedom and therapeutic benefit at work, school or home, while travelling, shopping or driving.
After 4 years in development, the revolutionary Elanra Air Pendant has been released as the world’s most advanced personal air cleaner.

Elanra Air Pendant – Settings

The Elanra Air should rest in the middle of your chest, unobstructed by clothing or jewellery to allow the ingestible ions of clean oxygen emitted from the Ionising needle at the top of the device to reach your nose and mouth.。
We trust you’ll enjoy the many benefits of this valuable device and invite you to take a deep breath as you start on the path to improved health and clean oxygen.
Designed and manufactured in Australia. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

Recommended settings

Settings Output Frequency
Normal use Medium 10Hz
Bad pollution High 25Hz
Air travel Medium 4Hz

Advanced technology

Elanra Air Pendant producing 5 billion ions per second.
Clearing PM2.5 at the rate of 0.5 litre per second.
Producing 27.6 million ions per cc at 5cm and an amazing 2.05 million ions per cc at 30cm.
World’s most powerful and safe Australian made personal air cleaner.

Travel settings

Output Frequency
Boarding and flying Medium 4Hz
Relaxing on a plane Low 10Hz
1 hour before landing High 25Hz
Other uses
Feel better High 4Hz
Driving Medium 25Hz

Elanra Air Pendant – Needles

Elanra Ioniser Needles are an essential component of the Elanra Ioniser products. Genuine Elanra needles are required for the production and dispersal of the small negative ions, in consistent and sufficient quantities needed to achieve the therapeutic benefits. Elanra needles are precision made from advanced materials, and according to exact specifications which have been researched and tested to ensure the effective performance of the Elanra products.
After 1200 hours, or 150 days at 8h/day, the Elanra needles will become less effective, due to corrosion. Your Elanra product has a timer which keeps track of this, and will indicate when it is time for the needles to be replaced. Consult your Elanra product’s user manual for information about needle expiry and replacement.
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Figure 1

Figure 2

Setting output levels

As a truly personal ioniser, the Elanra Air™ Pendant includes nine (9) different settings to assist and support your general wellbeing and clear air, by combining your choice of three ion strength levels with three different frequencies.

To change the Output level (See Figure 2, Figure 3), press and release the MODE button until the Power indicator () is illuminated.

To select your preferred Output level, press SET repeatedly to cycle through the three (3) settings – changing from Low to Medium to High.

Figure 3

Figure 4 (set to 4Hz)

Setting frequency levels

Elanra Air™ has three frequency settings

  • Low (4Hz) – Helps your body fight bacteria
  • Medium (10Hz or Alpha) – Helps with relaxation, meditation and concentration
  • High (25Hz) – Helps you restore and gain energy

To change the frequency level (Figure 4), press and release the MODE button until the Frequency indicator () lights up.

To select your preferred Frequency level, press SET repeatedly to cycle through the three (3) different levels of frequency: 4Hz/Low, 10Hz/Medium and 25Hz/High. Approximately four (4) seconds after selecting your frequency, the battery and level indicators will flash at 2 second intervals, indicating the Elanra Air™ is operational. This also shows you how much battery charge you have left at all times, it is normal for it to consistently flash. To confirm the frequency level at any time, press the MODE button again.

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