There are three main Bionic Air medical devices.

  1. Bionic Air MkII

The Bionic Air MkII is our flagship product and has 144 medical settings. It is best placed in your bedroom on the bedside table, at breathing height, whilst plugged into a nearby and covered power point. It is approved for use in hospitals and complies with safety and electrical standards.

Turn on the medical device when you go to bed and turn it off when you wake up. It works best over a seven-to-eight-hour sleep. In some settings, this medical device can be turned into an eight-needle device, allowing up to four patients at a time to experience its benefits.

The medical device needs to be within the two metre biologically active range from you. As you rest, it will assist in keeping your respiratory system clear of pathogens and assist the systems of the human body and blood restore themselves. The medical device also has the capacity to clear the air and surfaces of bacteria and viral pathogens on a nightly basis, reducing any chances of cross infection and keeping your bedroom space clear of pathogens everyday.

The medical device can be left on 24 hours a day for those in aged care, childcare, or clinics, without any side effects for continuous use. For childcare and dementia wards it is best placed out of reach on a wall shelf. Ensure there are no phones, glasses or other goods in front or at the side of the medical device, and keep all other electrical products at a distance of two metres or more. It is also advisable that you keep the medical device away from metal objects like filing cabinets, lamps and clocks.

The medical device has the ability to clean the air of a 75 square metre room, so no matter how large or small your office is, the medical devices can suit. It does not work like most air cleaners. This technology clears the quantum pollutants that air cleaners cannot reach. It is also safe for grandparents and babies to use- there is a special setting designed for newborns up to three months.

  1. Bionic Air MkIII

The Bionic Air MkIII has 32 medical settings and is a little weaker than the MkII. It is best used whilst travelling to increase alertness and therefore assist in reducing fatigue from the harmful effects of positive ion rich environments, which are created naturally inside the cabins of motor vehicles, campervans, trains, trucks and buses. This portability gives drivers the freedom to travel anywhere they desire, while enjoying the benefits of keeping air circulated and new pathogen entrants to a minimum.

When used in a motor vehicle, it has been designed to clip onto a specially made stand, which can be positioned into the dashboard of the vehicle. It is important to have your medical device fitted correctly using a licensed auto-electrician or other appropriate professional. Don’t use it on the nine-volt battery power, and don’t wear the wrist strap whilst you are driving.

The medical device is a great solution to sensitive persons and is also used by students in the library as they study for improved focus and attention, or those who need portability away from power points. When using this device on the nine-volt battery option, it requires that you wear the wrist strap to be grounded because it is not plugged into the power point.

Lastly, it can be used at night as you sleep, just like the MkII, however the biological range is only one metre, so will only suit one person in a bed. In this case, it can be plugged into the power point and positioned on the bedside table. There is no need to wear a wrist strap whilst sleeping.

  1. Bionic Air Air Pendant

The Bionic Air Air Pendant has nine settings, and is of particular value to travellers to help counteract some of the unpleasant consequences of flying. Flying has been known to cause various health problems among travellers. There are no air cleaners or filtration systems that can deplete 100% of jet fuel fumes from inside a cabin, or eliminate 100% of pathogens of the smallest size.

The Air Pendant clears what air cleaners can’t reach. It has a medical therapeutic and biological range of between your centre chest and the nasal cavity, so can only benefit one person at a time. The medical device was specially designed to address both these two problems, whilst protecting airplane operations and using an acceptable custom-made battery for the airline industry.

The medical device helps you experience less jet lag and be protected from recirculated air of other passengers, ensuring you arrive at your destination feeling rested and refreshed. It also has settings for rest, general health and to energise you an hour before you disembark.

The medical device has a deliberate short range of treatment. It is designed for wear around your neck, just like a necklace, and comes with a safety strap to pull away in an emergency. The silver rings around the medical device are grounding rings on either side and need to be touching natural clothing fibres or your skin whilst using it.

The Air Pendant can also be used whilst you are out and about on a polluted day in any environment. You can meet your friends for lunch and an outdoor café knowing you have your own bubble of clean and clear oxygen around your respiratory system.