Bionic Air is an Australian-owned company on the Gold Coast, Queensland; with manufacturing in Sydney, New South Wales. The Bionic Group of companies have been distributing their award- winning flagship Australian-made medical device, ‘Elanra’, to the Australian market since it was first invented by founder Joshua Shaw in 1967. The Elanra was medically registered by the Australian health department in the early 1970’s; and the range has since been improved by Joshua’s protege, Debbie Black.

Over one million customers have experienced Bionic Air medical devices, with no reportable adverse health events or product recalls. Their medical devices impact the body and blood to ‘assist in the recovery from illness’, ‘reduce the severity and frequency of colds and flu’ and ‘support and assist with immune system recovery.’ The devices are patented and trademarked.

Bionic Air medical devices assist with breathing, by reducing respiratory and airborne pathogens, help improve sleep and improve health and wellbeing. They are also known for other health benefits such as assisting allergy sufferers, recovery from chronic fatigue, enhancing vitamin B and C absorption, and normalising the body’s natural hormone levels.


Bionic Air’s mission is to improve public health around the world using Cold Air Plasma to produce negative and neutral air ion species across pulsed electromagnetic fields with quantum physics for the human body and blood. This ‘selective systemic adaptogen’ works while you sleep, without touching the body.

Bionic Air’s experience is in the reality found in the seen world, and also the unseen world. They are the world-class leader in their science and technology, offering health alternative with a foundation on physics, not chemistry.

Service offering

Bionic Air do all the global searching for complimentary medical products to their Elanra range, and only offer what is tried and tested. Their products have been through a quality assessment and integrity program.

Bionic Air choose the best, verified, highest performing products, with a focus on searching for products that will not interfere with your doctor’s existing recommendations. They ensure products are reputable for use in the home, by ensuring they carry ethical standards and education.

Bionic Air has relationships with academics across the globe. They are driven by one global view across all disciplines: a balance of Western, Eastern, Indian, Arabic and Aboriginal methods and treatments, so that customers have choice. They include ancient natural and modern products.

Bionic Air believe in a balanced and real approach to healthcare. For example, if you were a pedestrian in a motor accident taken to hospital, requesting treatment with essential oils would not be appropriate.


Bionic Air medical devices produce a special oxygen air species that is healthy for the human body and blood, in the way it is delivered into the body. This type of oxygen is not found in our normal environment- it is found naturally inside the aurora above the arctic ocean, within the beautiful colourful lights of the northern sky.

The electrical products of air cleaners and air ionisers are not the same. They cannot produce this special oxygen or clear the types of pathogens inside the human body that the Elanra medical devices can, whilst also protecting the good bacteria of the human body at the same time. That’s one reason why the Elanra is a medical device.

Bionic Air​ MkII

The Elanra MkII is Bionic Air’s flagship device. It is a stationary device, operating on wall power. As the most technically advanced and only personal Cold Air Plasma medical device in the world, the Elanra MKII is suitable for all ages, all conditions and even for those who are highly sensitive.

The biological range of the MKII is up to two metres, and the most common effect is to assist the upper respiratory system reduce pathogen infections, prevent transmission and build a protective mechanism against further pathogens, every night as you sleep, whilst also supporting and assisting immune system recovery and illness.

It has 144 medical settings, can operate with the air conditioning on or window open, and is almost silent when operating. The Elanra MkII is registered for use in doctors rooms, aged care homes and hospitals, and complies with required higher standards for medical devices. It is very popular for long term health management, and easy to use as it works hard in and on your body as you are sleeping.

All the Elanra range produce very small special oxygen particles with a negative and neutral charge, and is registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration as a medical device in Australia.

Bionic Air​ MKIII

Designed to complement your lifestyle, the Elanra MKIII is registered for use in cars, trucks, hospitals or at home. It is a portable device, operating on 9-volt battery power. It’s biological range is up to one metre.

The MkIII has 32 medical settings, includes a wrist strap for battery use, and a car mounting kit, which allows the device to be installed to your dashboard by an auto electrician. It can also be used in hospitals, medical clinics or home using wall power; and is a popular device for university students.

Bionic Air Air Pendant

The Elanra Air Pendant is the only registered medical device in the world designed for aircraft travel.  It is a portable registered medical device, with a battery that is designed to last up to 22 hours.

The Air Pendant clears recirculated pathogens in the air, including remnant jet fuel particles that the advanced air cleaners inside planes can’t clear. It also clears stray pathogens from your upper respiratory system, whilst you are in your seat on the plane to your destination. 

The Air Pendant is a great travel complement to the MkII. The Air Pendant has nine medical settings and is designed to provide you with your own special oxygen bubble around the personal breathing space of one person, preventing the breathing-in of at-risk circulated air.

The Air Pendant has also been shown to prevent jet lag in a test air flight from Australia to London.

Image credit: Vincent Guth, Unsplash.