Our customers report that Bionic Air medical devices have positively affected their health and wellbeing. When experiencing illness, 87% of customers reported a faster recovery, and 93% said it improved their immune systems.

It’s no wonder 93% of our customers actively recommend our medical device to their family and friends.

Bionic Air medical devices can help you to:

  • Improve your mood
  • Increase alertness
  • Assist in recovery from chronic fatigue and illness
  • Support and assist in immune system recovery
  • Relieve the symptoms of seasonal conditions
  • Help to normalise natural hormone levels
  • Assist allergy and eczema sufferers
  • Enhance the body’s absorption of oxygen, Vitamin B and Vitamin C.

You can feel better by using Bionic Air medical devices, but don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our customers report:

“I had chemotherapy, and I found the nausea terrible. A nurse recommended I try the Bionic Air medical device, and I found it helped to stop my nausea. By the third time of chemotherapy, as soon as I got home and returned to bed next to the medical device, within a matter of 30 minutes I was more comfortable again. I’ve also noticed that I seem to function better with my immune system, even though I have a house full of kids who seem to get every type of viral infection under the sun. I cannot sing the praises of the medical device high enough.”

Diane Bath-Robertson
Broadbeach Waters, QLD

“My good friend developed a severe rash around her face all of a sudden, and none of the doctors could explain what it was, let alone cure it. She tried many different creams and medicines, but it didn’t respond. I loaned my Bionic Air medical device to her to try. It took only one week until her pain went away, and she didn’t feel aggravated by the rash. It took about four months before the rash disappeared completely, and it has not come back since.”

Adrian Austere
Camden NSW

“We operate a counselling business in Canberra and we’ve noticed that since installing the Bionic Air medical device, the environment is more friendly and relaxed. During sessions, it seems easier to work with our patients, and for people to ‘take on board’ understanding and realisations. Working with people’s life energy, this assists our work.”

Edwin and Jayne Power
Personal Power Dynamics, Canberra ACT