Elanra Settings

Therapeutic Settings


Together with the recognized health benefits associated with inhaling small biologically active air species including different types of oxygen, Elanra medical devices offer the exclusive advantage of being individually programmable to suit your health needs.

Below we have briefly expressed these benefits. We cannot expand on this on the web site in order to meet the legal restrictions for a medical device company. Upon being registered in our database as a patient of the Bionic Air family, you will receive more information customised specifically for you and your situation. We are here for you into the future and as your health needs changes simply contact us and we will guide you for further solutions on how this technology can assist you progress alongside your doctors recommendations.

Using recognised frequencies developed for our unique science and technology over many years of research and assistance with the greatest minds in the scientific world through those years, we developed the combination of outputs and frequencies to help your body balance itself. The Elanra pulses natures special cold air plasma species to provide you with far more than what an air cleaner or an ioniser could achieve. It’s more than an air cleaner, it’s more than an ioniser, it’s just simply Elanra. Designed and invented specifically for your health requirements and for your family, not just for now but for many years ahead. This medical device will be the best investment you will make for you and your families long term health. It is not a solution for a night, a week or even a month. It’s a solution for your future for as long as you look after it, it will serve you well.


Elanra Frequency Settings

  • Help your body fight pathogens
  • Enjoy the earth’s frequency, rest, ideas and dreaming
  • Assist normalise your hormones
  • Sleep better and improve your quality of rest and meditation
  • Help with allergies
  • Assist in recovery of fatigue and improve your vitality