More than just an Ioniser

“The knowledge in this cold air plasma medicine company is unique and application focused.” Professor Kostya (Ken) Ostrikov

Reduces severity and frequency of colds and flu

Independent study on 973 patients in 2009 shows 95% reporting “we just don’t get colds and flu anymore.”

No adverse events. No recalls since 1967.

Almost 2 Million patients. Australian Made.

Breathe Better. Sleep Better. Be Better.

Designed for your body and blood. It’s results that matter

  • More than an air purifier. More than an ioniser.
  • Biological benefits from your bedside
  • Restore your health as you sleep
  • Easy to use. One button. Portable health.
  • A special oxygen that your body loves
  • No adverse events since 1967.
  • Backed by science
  • Assist allergy and eczema sufferers
  • Improve sleep and meditation
  • Reduce frequency and severity of colds and flu

Bionic Air MkII cold air plasma medical device

A therapeutic registered medical device to replicate nature’s beneficial air species including special types of oxygen air species at a size small enough to be inhaled into the lungs and enter the bloodstream for repeatable biological benefits. The MKII provides you with the added advantage of an extended 2 metre therapeutic range. Yes it can achieve 75 square metre (815 feet) air and pathogen purification, but that’s just a side effect. Your body and blood is its true purpose and priority. No recalls and no adverse health events since 1967 in over 1 Million patients. This medical device is tried, true and tested by the many, who report ongoing and consistent positive health benefits with ongoing nightly use on their bedside table as they sleep. Repeatable and consistent variable health benefits.

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Bionic Air MkIII portable cold air plasma medical device.

The Bionic group has for many years been researching the closed environments of apartment living, air conditioned offices, closed motor vehicles and other transport cabins, effects of traffic fumes, Wi-Fi, environmental impacts on our food chain (air, water, soil, animals). Impacts which produce an over-abundance of harmful positive air ion species. Called 'Faraday cages' in some instances, they can cause drivers and home bound persons to suffer fatigue, lose concentration, acquire brain fog and put cellular health at risk, as it interrupts the homeostasis. The Bionic Air range of medical devices are designed to bring the systems of the body back into balance, back to homeostasis.

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Independent Researcher & Testimonials

The Bionic Air MkII has been successfully used by hundreds of new patients since January 2020 suffering from a virus. 100% recovered. None were hospitalised. We continue to assist long haul symptoms.

Our Professors

Customer Testimonials

COVID, flu & sore throats (4m 16s by 9 Year User)

Sinus (25s by 14 Year User)

Illness, sleep, chronic fatigue, brain fog, smoke (36s by 27 Year User)

Flu (8s by 15 Year User)

Lung, Sinus & Hayfever (1m 6s by 25-30 Year User)

Illness, sleep, chronic fatigue, brain fog, smoke (47s by 27 Year User)

Illness, sleep, chronic fatigue, brain fog, smoke (3m 56s by 27 Year User)

Headaches, colds, flu & mood, long haul truck driver (48s by 16 Year User)

"Since I’ve used the Elanra I’ve been sleeping in! This is a phenomenon in my household. Normally I rise at 4.00am have an hour’s walk and start work. This routine is in total disorder. Although I am totally rested, for a change I’m falling behind with my work load and you’re to blame! So if you can recover from your abject guilt for long enough to organise a copy of my thesis for me, I would be very grateful. Yours in oversleeping! PS. My wife approved of my changed habit and says it’s about time after 40 years."

Dr Sydney Baggs
Chatswood NSW

"I’ve had my Elanra for three weeks now. My health benefits are enormous. My lung capacity was only 55% and it is now 84%. I can actually feel the tissues changing instead of puffing and panting I can now breathe freely and walk freely. Both Lionel and I are also sleeping better I recommend your machine most highly and acknowledge your brilliance in creating it."

Enid Bailey
Melbourne VIC

"It is always a fight as to who is going to use the ELANRA between me and my grandson. I cannot sing the praises of the Elanra high enough I recommend this machine to anyone."

Diane Bath-Robertson
Broadbeach Waters, Qld, Australia

"I am writing to tell you how pleased we are with the Elanra ionizer. Besides selling a quality product, your company has also provided us with excellent service, which we appreciate very much."

Ron Taylor

"The Elanra has truly helped me, and for my piece of mind, I would never go to bed without it by my side."

Michael Kanuika

"Many products compete for the lucrative air purifying market. But research shows the Elanra Ionizer ranked among the best in its class."

Paul Norton

"I feel like I am sleeping better, and I awake more rested since I began using the Elanra. Thank you… I love this machine."

Ruth R. PhD.
Maine, USA

"I have been using the Elanra for nearly two years now and I have found it to be leagues ahead of any ordinary standard ionizer presently available."

Miss K Hunt
Leicester, England UK

Researchers Example 1

Krueger et al researched the effects of small negative ions on the very powerful and versatile neurohormone ‘Serotonin’. They found that small negative ions stimulate, while small positive ions block monoamine oxidase action, thus producing respectively, a drop or rise in the concentration of free 5-HT present in certain tissues and eliciting a corresponding physiological response. These experiments were validated over a 16 year period of time in controlled conditions in the USA using 12,000 brains and 36,000 blood samples.

High concentrations of positive ions raised blood levels of 5-HT, while high concentrations of negative ions had the opposite effect. The resulting benefit is physiological changes in the endocrine glands and central nervous system. These in turn substantially alter basic physiological processes. The Bionic Air can be used to normalise the body’s natural hormonal levels and assist with relieving the symptoms of seasonal conditions that are caused by out of balance hormones created as a result of too many positive ions in the air.

P. Krueger & E.J Reed

Biological Impact of Small Air Ions, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1976 Vol. 193 pp1209-1213

Researchers Example 2

Sulman et al showed with a subset of 200 patients that too high a positive ion count in the air (which is the way we live in our modern world) causes very low mood, fatigue, confusion, lack of concentration, culminating in exhaustion. Subjects also complained of being irritable, increased headaches, and exacerbation of respiratory ailments due to the overproduction of serotonin, which we know is the result of too many positive air ions in the air.

G. Sulman, Y. Pfeifer, E. Surperstine

The adrenal exhaustion syndrome: and adrenal deficiency, Bioclimatology Unit, Department of Applied Pharmacology Medical Center, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

Researchers Example 3

Clinical evidence and Bionic Air patients show that therapeutic benefits are more prominent in patients who suffer different conditions. It sounds too good to be true. But many non-specific effects are common when the target at biological system's™ of treatments, govern the activities and functions of many different aspects of the organism such as the hormonal, central nervous and immune system.

Dr Mark Edwards

PhD Genetics, BSc Molecular and Neurobiology (Hons) & M.Calculus.

The Science of Plasma Medicine

"Plasma medicine is an emerging field utilising cold atmospheric plasma for therapeutic purposes."

Plasma is the fourth state of matter (together with solid, liquid, and gas) and is estimated to comprise 99% of the visible universe. It was first described in the 1920s by the chemist Irving Langmuir, who recognised that the properties of the ionised "gases" he was working with reminded him of blood plasma.

Generally speaking, physics plasma comprises free electrons, atoms, and molecules in neutral, ionised, and/or excited states, including reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species (RONS).4 Plasma can be divided into thermal plasma and non-thermal plasma (also known as low temperature plasma). Our device generates cold air plasma, which means it does not cause contact thermal damage, making it useful for treating heat-sensitive material, like biological cells and tissues.

In our device, the initial plasma mixture is created across a gap around a small sharp tipped needle, and it then travels through a proprietary mix of pulsed electro-magnetic fields. These fields have selectable frequencies to allow us to select certain biologically-active components within the physics plasma. These fields also assist the plasma travel to the human and behave in the human in specific ways which we call Quantum Physics. The device delivers the selected reactive species into the ambient air directly towards the human, where they can be absorbed across the skin (transdermal), ingested, or inhaled. To learn more about the technology within our device watch our web site.

There is growing modern scientific evidence to indicate cold air plasma components can benefit human health.5 For example, cold plasma can help too:

  • Reduce infections (i.e., inactivate microorganisms, including multidrug-resistant pathogens)
  • Promote wound healing (i.e., stimulate cell proliferation and angiogenesis)
  • Treat cancer (i.e., trigger cell death).

The reactive species within the cold plasma are crucial for these biological outcomes.

To date, most biomedical applications of cold air plasma involve the direct application of the plasma to the relevant tissue (e.g., to treat chronic wounds). With our device, the generated reactive species can be ingested, absorbed through the skin, or inhaled via the respiratory system, which makes it truly unique globally. For example, some reactive species will flow into the lung alveoli through the bronchial tubes to eliminate foreign pathogens as both sterilizes and protects the upper respiratory tract as the patient is sleeping. Other species may diffuse across the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract and enter the bloodstream, where they could eventually regulate the body’s immune system or exert other biological effects. Indeed, we are only beginning to understand the intricate interactions between cold plasma and the human body and the exciting health benefits this technology provides as our science and research progress.

Having positively treated over 1 million Australians across the items below this company is in a unique position where in human experience over more than five decades has provided a database of rich information and proprietary know-how. Efficacy has been shown to benefit users of all ages in the home, clinic, or hospital with no adverse reactions; and uniquely does not interfere with other medical conditions, prescriptions, or vaccines.

How?.. It's not a chemical solution. It's a physics solution.

To learn more about the science behind the individual applications of our device that harnesses the power of plasma technology, more information on these registered TGA medical devices are coming soon!

  1. Breathing
  2. Virus, Bacteria and other Pathogens
  3. Immunity
  4. Sleep
  5. Allergies
  6. Hormones
  7. Mood
  8. Energy and alertness
  9. Learning
  10. Vitamin absorption
  11. Oxygen levels


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P. Krueger & E.J Reed

Biological Impact of Small Air Ions, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1976 Vol. 193 pp1209-1213